Marks and Spencer to get rid of 'unnecessary' hangers from displays after customer fury

Supermarkets are doing their bit to help the environment by cutting down on their use of plastic. Marks and Spencer is the latest retailer to explore new options to display women’s clothing.

Marks and Spencer will stop displaying knickers and bras on hangers in a bid to cut down on plastic waste.

The retailer will instead look at other options when it comes to hanging women’s underwear in its branches.

It wants to help the environment by decreasing the number of plastic hangers that end up in landfill sites every year.

One option could be displaying clothing items on tables in stores, instead of hanging them, Marks and Spencer has said.

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Cat Balcombe added: “@marksandspencer need to try harder. When ordering online why all the unnecessary plastic packaging and coat hangers. Ridiculous all of this could have been folded in a paper bag or cardboard box.”

Sunya Hundal commented: “Flashing my knickers to make a point. @marksandspencer can I buy these online without hangers?”

Gayle Neale added: “Really @marksandspencer sending a plastic coat hanger for a simple t-shirt seems ridiculous let alone three for my order I’ve just received! I wonder how many unnecessary hangers you send out in a day, when you could easily reuse them! #GlobalWarming #plasticfree #marksandsparks.”

Marks and Spencer said it is “committed” to providing sustainable packaging instead of plastic.

“As we work towards our goal of becoming a zero-waste business by 2025, we are actively looking at ways to remove hangers before sending online orders to our customers, and have a number of trials ongoing.

“Our jeans hangers contain 70 percent less plastic than the previous version and are designed for reuse using [a] clever circular design.”

The spokesperson added that for those wanting to return a product without the hanger, underwear can be returned without them.

However, the customer must make sure they have the swing ticket with the barcode in place and, where relevant, the hygiene seal.

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