Meghan Markle and Queen Mother share same birthday – but are 'two very different women'

Meghan Markle, who turned 41 today, shares her birthday with the late Queen Mother. The late Queen Mother was born on August 4, 1900. The Duchess of Sussex was born on the same day, 81 years later.

What body language traits do the two women share?

Judi James, a professional body language expert, spoke exclusively to to compare the body language between the Duchess and the Queen Mother.

She said: “In her day the Queen Mother was one of the most popular royals, often seen as ‘in touch’ with the public and loved mainly for her body language traits.

“These included a very regal bearing combined with what was always seen as a very kindly and empathetic-looking smile,” the expert noted.

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Is it similar to Meghan Markle’s current body language?

Judi added: “She and Meghan share the same birthday and some life experiences but their body language defines them as two very different women living in two very different eras.

“Both married royal brothers who were the younger sibling with older brothers who were expected to become King.

“Plus, both married men with emotional weaknesses that led to both wives becoming the ‘rock’ and the suppliers of fiercely loyal support in their marriages.


“This also implies the possibility of one-to-one friendship bonds.

“Her wave is lacking in the regal formalities, with the elbow and hand held lower to signal less in the way of status.”

Judi claimed the Queen Mother and Meghan Markle were ultimately quite different.

She suggested: “Meghan is tactile in a way that the Queen Mother was never allowed to be in public.

“Plus, we would never have seen the signals of passion for a cause that Meghan produces both verbally and non-verbally when she is speaking in public.”

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