Meghan Markle 'takes the lead' with Harry who is 'still suffering awkwardness' in the USA

Meghan Markle, 40, accompanied her husband Prince Harry, 37, to the United Nations in New York City on Monday. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex walked hand in hand as Meghan carried her gorgeous Mulberry handbag in her other hand. What was their body language like?

Body language expert Judi James spoke exclusively to to explain.

She claimed: “Meghan looks New York-smart here, from her immaculate ponytail to her elegant killer heels and the confidence levels oozing from her poise and her body language match that vibe.

“Stepping from the escalator she transfers her bag smoothly to her left hand to enable her to grasp Harry’s hand in her right.

“Her walk has a degree of bounce and as they fall into single file, she moves ahead of her husband to take the lead,” the expert suggested.

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Prince Harry was at the UN to celebrate Nelson Mandela International Day.

The Duke used his speech to tell the audience about his memories and affection for Africa, which he associates with both his mother and Meghan.

He whisked the Duchess of Sussex, 40, to Botswana in the early stages of their relationship.

But the continent was also a source of “solace” for the Duke as a young child when he was reeling from the loss of his mother.

He said: “Since I first visited Africa at 13 years old, I’ve always found hope on the continent.

“In fact, for most of my life, it has been my lifeline, a place where I have found peace and healing time and time again.

“It is where I have felt closest to my mother and sought solace after she died and where I knew I had found a soulmate in my wife.

“It’s why so much of my work is based there.”

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