Michael Mosley: Follow weight loss diet to see results fast – it's 'a lot more doable'

Dr Michael Mosley is famous for his weight loss hacks and diet strategies and through feedback, he found a more effective way of shedding weight. The nutritionist created the 5:2 programme which saw people eat healthily for five days a week and then only eating 800 calories on the two remaining days.

But he soon found an alternative that “works better”.

Speaking doing an appearance on Studio 10 in 2019, Dr Mosley discussed his diet methods.

He noted that the feedback he received led him to change a key part of the programme itself.

He told the hosts: “In the original 5:2, I suggested women eat 500 calories a day.

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“It seemed to be low enough to trigger desirable metabolic changes like burning the fat, but high enough to stop them getting grumpy,” Dr Mosley said.

He explained that the New 5:2 intermittent fasting method still helps people consume fewer calories during the eight hour window they’re allowed to eat.

He said that unless people are eating much more during that period, they should see results.

“The reason intermittent fasting works is because you’re giving your body a rest from food,” the nutritionist explained.

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“Start by having a go at 12 hours for your overnight fast, then try 14 hours,” he said.

Once a person has achieved their weight loss goal, they can enter the maintenance phase of the diet, which can work around people’s lifestyles.

Dr Mosley explained that if they continue with a Mediterranean style of eating and keep their diet low in sugar with limited amounts of starchy carbs, they can bring their fasting down to “a weekly fast day if needed”.

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