Monty Don shares 'best time' to prune lavender plant – avoid it being 'straggly and woody'

Lavender looks great in flower borders, herb gardens as well as in containers. It needs lots of sun and fast-draining soil due to it being a Mediterranean plant and it will not survive long in shady or cold conditions. Sharing advice in his latest blog post, Monty Don shared the “best time” to prune lavender.

The gardening expert wrote: “Dahlias will keep producing new flowers well into autumn as long as they are deadheaded regularly.

“The easiest way to tell the difference between a spent flower and an emerging bud is by the shape.

“Buds are invariably rounded whereas a spent flower is pointed and cone-shaped.”

Monty recommended cutting back to the next side shoot, even if it means taking a long stem.

This will help to stimulate new flowers.

He added: “If you do not have dahlias, then deadhead anything and everything daily.

“Nothing else is so effective in keeping summer flowers from lasting as long as possible.”

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