'Monumental row’ Harry and Meghan in bust-up ahead of major royal event

Royal author Tom Bower claimed in his new book the explosive row happened at the annual Commonwealth Day Service at Westminster Abbey in 2020.

Harry and Meghan attended the event to mark their final engagement as senior royals.

The Queen, Prince Charles, Kate, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William also attended the event.

In Mr Bower’s book, Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the War between the Windsors, spoke about the service, claiming that a “monumental argument” took place during the day.

He said it happened after “Palace officials … decided to publicly humiliate [Harry and Meghan]”.

The royal author wrote: “Reality hit two days later, on 9th March. A monumental argument blew up after Harry was told that he and Meghan could not join the family’s procession through Westminster Abbey for the annual Commonwealth Day Service.

“Although the order of service listed Harry and Meghan walking behind the Queen, Palace officials had revised their decision. Suspicious about the Sussexes they decided to publicly humiliate them.

“Harry was told that having stepped down from royal duties, he and Meghan would sit and wait with the congregation. The prospect of the televised image of their isolation in the Abbey appalled them”.

He added: “By then they were keenly aware of Kate and William’s antagonism. William had not offered a brotherly welcome and Kate was outright distant towards her sister-in-law.

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“Eventually, to end the dispute, William and Kate agreed they too would wait with Harry and Meghan. As the members of the Royal Family filed into the Abbey, the frayed relationships could not be concealed.

“Kate had blanked the Sussexes and William’s greeting was cold. Harry looked strained. Meghan’s face showed bemusement.”

Mr Bower has made a number of explosive claims about the Duchess including that she married Harry to become famous.

During an interview on Good Morning Britain, he claimed that once Meghan realised the Royal Family was “lots of work and little reward”, she didn’t like it anymore.

He said: “It’s wrong to say she was a famous actress, she wasn’t, she was a third-rate actress.”

Host Ben Shephard hit back at his comments, saying: “She was a very famous actress. She had a high profile in Hollywood and Suits is a series that was streamed all over the world, so people knew who she was.”

Mr Bower replied: “Well we won’t argue but I disagree with you.”

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