'Most people don't know' Why you should avoid second cheapest bottle of wine at restaurant

Personal finance expert at vouchers.co.uk, Andrea Knowles, explained that people should always avoid ordering the second-cheapest wine as it “is usually hiked in price for a simple psychological reason”.

The personal finance expert explained: “It’s a well-known fact that many people tend to order the second cheapest wine so that they don’t seem ‘stingy’.

“However, as this is such a common occurrence, many restaurants actually hike the price up.

“Next time you go to a restaurant, look at the difference in price between the cheapest and second-cheapest wine.”

The expert explained “most people don’t know” the second cheapest bottle is the one with the highest markup, which is the standard profit margin the restaurant makes.

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Restaurant owners are aware that most people order the second-cheapest bottle, they take advantage and mark up the second cheapest bottle of wine the most.

She recommended always opting for the cheapest wine as it is normally “a better wine”.

Wine site Viepair explained: “As you peruse the wine list trying to figure out what to do, a little voice in your head echoes something you’ve heard repeated time and time again.

“‘Get the second-cheapest bottle!’


Andrea explained another trick restaurants use to make people buy more is playing certain music to make you eat quicker at lunch, or slower if you’re fine dining.

The money expert said: “Many restaurants play fast tempo music at lunchtime to influence diners to eat quicker, as this helps with the turnover of their tables.

“Alternatively, more expensive restaurants tend to stick to classical music which makes diners feel fancy and, therefore, spend more money as it feels like a real treat.”

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