'My vote is for Rishi' Thatcher's ex-Cabinet colleague backs Sunak in Tory leadership race

Lord Peter Lilley, who served as Margaret Thatcher’s Trade Secretary in 1990, penned a piece in the Sun sharing his thoughts on the race to replace Boris Johnson as Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister. The Brexit-backing Baron had been a prominent Cabinet ally when Margaret Thatcher was pondering over whether to quit as Prime Minister following by-election defeats, the Poll Tax and a Tory Party split over Europe.

Lord Lilley, who served as the MP for St Albans from 1983 to 1997 before moving to nearby Hitchin & Harpenden until 2017, said: “Rishi now argues we must follow that example and get borrowing down to curb inflation, even if that means higher taxation initially before we can begin cutting taxes.

“He has bravely stuck to that view despite its unpopularity.

“I give him top marks for Thatcherite courage.”

However, he also lauded Liz Truss for her Thatcherite credentials.

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