Next Prime Minister LIVE: Sunak dubs China 'number one threat' despite Putin nuke threats

David Davis dismissed the suggestion that Rishi Sunak was “mansplaining” to Liz Truss as “spin”.

The two candidates took part in a BBC debate on Monday night where Mr Sunak was accused of “aggressive mansplaining”.

But support David Davis told Sky News: “Sometimes it’s important to intervene in debates.

“When we’re in the Commons we have these comparatively fierce exchanges lots of times, all the time.”

Mr Davis added: “This is a debate to find the Prime Minister of this country. Facing a time when the decisions are going to be really tough.”

He told the programme: “We need the person who a) knows what he stands for, b) is courageous enough to take the difficult decisions and c) determined enough to do it.

“And that’s Rishi Sunak.”

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