Nick Kyrgios pokes fun at Novak Djokovic training regime as bromance continues to flourish

Nick Kyrgios’ bromance with Novak Djokovic is still flourishing after the Aussie made light of the 21-time world champion’s training regime. The pair have traditionally been tense rivals but their relationship has mellowed this year following events at the Australian Open and Wimbledon. 

Kyrgios and Djokovic have not always seen eye to eye throughout their careers with the Australian often being highly critical of the 35-year-old. In 2019, the world No 63, described the Serbian as ‘cringeworthy’ due to his desire to be liked. He then criticised the tennis legend again over his ‘stupidity’ for organising the 2020 Adria Tour. The event ended up becoming a hotspot for the Coronavirus and was widely condemned throughout the tennis community. 

However, this year has seen a huge uplift in relations starting with the Australian Open. Kyrgios was one of the only players to make a public stand against Djokovic’s deportation, something the Serb continues to be thankful for. 

The pair’s relationship then blossomed during Wimbledon with the Australian describing their relationship as a ‘bromance’ during the tournament. They eventually played each other in the final with the world No 6 regaining his crown in four sets. After the match, he also confirmed the bromance that existed between both men. 

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Now it appears this close friendship has continued beyond the confines of SW19 with Kyrgios poking fun at Djokovic’s training regime. 

The Serbian posted a video on Instagram of himself participating in the Brazilian martial art Capoeira, which incorporates music, dance and acrobatics to improve flexibility and fitness.  

In response, Kyrgios commmented: “If you’re telling me this is what it takes to win a slam, then I’m in trouble.” Making light out of lengths Djokovic will go to ensure he remains at the top of his game while highlighting the fact that he is yet to win a Grand Slam himself. 

It was the Aussie who first described their relationship as a bromance ahead of their final at the All England Club. 

“We definitely have a bit of a bromance now, which is weird,” he said. “Everyone knows there was no love lost for a while there. I think it was healthy for the sport.

“I think every time we played each other, there was hype around it. It was interesting for the media, the people watching, all that.

“I felt like I was almost the only player and someone to stand up for him with all that drama at the Australian Open.


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“I feel like that’s where respect is kind of earned. Not on the tennis court, but I feel like when a real-life crisis is happening and someone stands up for you.

“We actually message each other on DMs in Instagram now and stuff, it’s really weird.”

Djokovic then confirmed the bromance between the pair after he defeated the 27-year-old at Wimbledon. 

“I never thought I’m going to say so many nice things about you considering the relationship,” he joked. “Okay, it’s officially a bromance.”

The burgeoning friendship between Djokovic and Kyrgios has been one of the more heartwarming stories on the tour this season and future matches between the pair will now carry a very different narrative to what they had previously. 

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