'Nuke England!' Russia issues new nuclear threat but could spare Scotland after IndyRef2

Russian propagandist Vladimir Solovyov threatened to “nuke” England but spare Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Solovyov also took aim at British Armed Forces chief Sir Tony Radakin for suggesting the Kremlin would pose a threat to the world for the next decade.

The Russian state television host said: “Who did you beat and where, Admiral?

“They have completely lost their minds … and now they’re lecturing us, the country (we can destroy with) one Sarmat.”

Sarmat RS-28 intercontinental ballistic missiles can travel at a whopping 15,000mph and have a destruction area of 250,000 square miles.

They also have a range of 11,200 miles and have an explosive yield which is 50 times more powerful than Hiroshima.

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Solovyov, who had his properties near Lake Como seized following Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, also suggested Russia could wipe out Britain back in April.

Despite threatening to nuke England, Solovyov suggested the Celtic corners of the UK would be spared in such an attack.

He said: “We won’t touch Scotland: Scotland will be independent.

“Wales has been quiet so far. Wales, too, will be independent.

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