Olaf Scholz CUTS Ukraine military support despite pledge to increase supplies

German news outlet Die Welt reported that a Government list of weapons delivered to Kyiv, published on June 21, showed that Germany has reduced the number of supplies sent to Ukraine. This comes despite Mr Scholz’s claim that the country will expand its support for the war-torn country. Speaking at a press conference in Berlin on June 13, he said: “In this critical phase we are considerably expanding our support: we will supply Ukraine with a state-of-the-art anti-aircraft system and an artillery detection radar, among other things.”

A recent poll showed that a majority of Germans support supplying heavy weapons to Ukraine.

The latest poll from the RTL/ntv Trendbarometer showed that 52 percent of Germans supported the move.

Around 42 percent of people do not support the supply of heavy weaponry.

But just 24 percent of those surveyed believe that Ukraine can push Russia out of the occupied territories if the West and Germany supply enough weapons to Ukraine.

Meanwhile, 70 percent of German citizens do not believe this.

Germany has been widely criticised for its response to the Ukraine crisis, as the country has expressed opposition to phasing out Russian oil and gas.

And in May, it was revealed that Germany had not sent any heavy weapons to Ukraine since mid-March, with Die Welt reporting that the country appears to be scaling back military support.

Meanwhile, a recent study by the Kiel Institute for the World Economy found that Germany, the EU’s biggest economy and the world’s fifth largest arms exporter, gives less than 0.1 percent of its economic output to Ukraine.

“We in Lithuania, however, think that it is impossible to talk to the leader of a state that is trying to redraw the map in Europe in the 21st century.”

Latvian Prime Minister Arturs Krišjānis Kariņš said he was “convinced that Putin will not start talks until he realizes that he is starting to lose the war”, while Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas added: “We should not worry so much about what Putin wants, but rather about how we can help Ukraine to continue fighting.”

The RTL/ntv Trendbarometer showed that the German public support this, with 89 per cent of German citizens saying they think it is right that heads of western governments continue to talk to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Only 10 percent did not think it is right.

Additional reporting by Monika Pallenberg.

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