10 Of The Best Free Old English Translator Websites

Old English Translator
Old English Translator

10 Of The Best Free Old English Translator Websites. Do you know what Anglo-Saxon is? It is the early English language that was spoken around the year 1150 CE, in some areas of Scotland. The speakers of a variety of Northern West Germanic dialects, including Old Saxon and Old English gave rise to this sort of English. The Jutes, Saxons, and Angles used to speak Old English as their mother tongue between the late 5th and early 11th centuries. There are no longer any Native speakers of Old English but the texts of Old English can be found in books. There is a huge difference between the grammar of Old English and Modern English. If we can resemble the morphology of Old English to any of the living tongues, it can be Icelandic.  It is said that Modern English consists of 26% Old English and Dutch and 200 irregular verbs are derived from Old English.

10 Best Old English Translators

After discussing the significance of Anglo-Saxon, you must be aware now that even a native English speaker should know the basic vocabulary of Old English. Learning the vocabulary can be difficult, so here are the best Old English Translator tools that can interpret this language for you. These 10 tools, I am going to tell you are free and genuine.

  1. Majstro


Majstro.com has a simple user-friendly interface which is accessible in simple mobile phones. First you need to select the source language in which your text is written and then you have to select the target language in which you want to convert the word. After adding the word in the search bar, you can simply get the result by tapping on the translate button.

  1. Old English Translator

The official website called oldenglishtranslator.co.uk gives you a brief introduction to Anglo-Saxon on their homepage. This tool advices to copy the word and paste it into the bar below the text “word to translate”. The reason behind this method is that Old English had several unknown characters which can not be typed by your ordinary keyboard.

  1. LingoJam


Lingojam.com is a translator inventor tool where you can create your translator on your own. It asks you to add rules and createwhichlator that you can share with your acquaintances either. If you scroll down the page, you will go through the popular translators it already has. You can simply open the Old English Translator and translate any phrase into Modern English. Before copying the original phrase in the text bar, you can generate any random sentence to check the worth of this translator.

  1. Fun Translation

If you are a columnist, or essayist and desire to add some old English in your content then there is an online tool which has made it too easy for you. Funtranslation.com enables you to convert Modern English into Old English and vice versa. You can either type or paste the phrase converts one game site takes a second to reload the page and shows you the authentic results which you can share on your Twitter.

  1. Translation Services

Translation-services-usa.com can translate your text in more than 100 hundred languages. All you need to do is select the first alphabet of the language you want to convert your text in. Then a drop down list will be displayed from which you can select the exact language you are looking for. This translator provides you a conversion of 250 words in single attempt.

  1. Font Villa


Fontvilla.com is recognized for its numerous translators and creative tools. You can easily find the Old English translator in the menu of this website. The remarkable point about this tool is you are not bound to translate a few words in one attempt. Instead, you can transform the entire Old English conversation into Modern English in just one go.

  1. Freelang

Freeland.net is an online dictionary where you can register yourself to use its services frequently. According to their last update, this site has been used 32500 times till April of 2020. The website is designed simply to convert one Old English word at a time into Modern English.

  1. Glosbe


Glosbe.com is the most famous language converter tool which is accessible in 67 countries. Nearly 3 billion citizens use this website to translate texts. You can transform any word from Old or Middle English into Modern English and the other way round. A feature that distinguishes this tool from other translators is an option to add translations. If you know the translation and website is not showing the appropriate results, you can log in to the site and add the entries for other users.

  1. English Onstigende Wordboc

This online tool only allows translating one word at a time. There is a search bar located at the top of the homepage where you can type the word and tick one of the options given beneath the bar including MnE into OE (Modern English into Old English) and OE into MnE. The second search option asks you whether to ignore the alphabet letters or not. The negative point about this converting tool is written as a disclaimer on its homepage that it is designed by an amateur and they do not guarantee the authentication of the results.

  • Babylon Software


Babylon-software.com has two kinds of translators. The one you can download free will allow you to translate a word, and works as an online dictionary. If you buy the premium version of this software, it lets you convert lengthy paragraphs from Old English into Modern one. This site has Apk files for you to install their software conveniently.


If you love to watch dramas or movies of ancient times, or else you read novels that narrate the historical period, you must know that there are a few difficult texts driven from Old English Translator. To understand the depth of such dialogues, you can effortlessly translate them into Modern English. No one needs to become a Linguaphile to learn the depth of a language. Instead, all of us can use software, apps, or online tools which can interpret difficult texts for us.

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