15 Of The Best Pokemon ROM Hacks Of 2022

Pokemon ROM Hacks
Pokemon ROM Hacks

If you are an online gamer and do not know about Pokemon ROM Hacks, it is quite shocking. It is video gaming series that started in 1999 and still never fails to introduce the best games for kids and teens. The Pokemon world has launched more than 35 video games yet. Kids who used to play such games, know what game hacks can do for them. Yes, in this article I will tell you a few amazing Pokemon ROM Hacks for Pokemon, which will change the method of playing for you. These hacks never disappoint me and keep me upgraded in my video games. The Pokemon community is doing its best for its fans by making such hacks that never fail to do something incredible for us while playing.

Gamers who are new to Pokemon games should install an emulator first to play such hacks. Project 64, Citra DS are the best emulators in 2022 for Pokemon players. Let’s not waste much time in telling which emulator is best for your device, this is what you better know.

After downloading the correct emulator, you can use ROM links in all sections. You can purchase ROM hacks from eBay either.

15 Best Pokemon ROM hacks in 2022

  • Pokemon Gaia

If you love to visit regions while playing these video games then this hack will work for you. This hack allows you to dive into sea regions. Besides, you can easily climb walls and to any other height, by using this amazing ROM hack. This game makes your team bigger by adding Kanto, Sinnoh, and Uvona in it. It all begins when Professor Redwood notices something unusual and sends your team to a different region to figure out what is wrong.

  • Pokemon-Dark Rising

If you are a huge fan of Pokemon as same as me, you must dream about this game. Or else, you can it’s a scary nightmare, but for gamers like us. It is a thriller journey which you can ride with your friend. This dark-rising hack is not as powerful as other hacks are, but it is great for people who admire thrillers. The storyline of this dark rising revolves around 380 Pokemon that we need to catch. 

  • Pokemon Brown

Pokemon Brown is the oldest hack of Pokemon, I have ever used. This hack is not quite changed from the previous storyline of Classic Gameboy. With little changes, they launched this sequel and it is liked by many fans. The changes I was talking about are twenty new routes they added in this version and ten cities which you can explore.

  • Pokemon Prism

This one is known as the best Pokemon hack ever because it is made to be the best. The theme of this hack is focused on a girl who is playing in his uncle’s cart but suddenly disappears into some new region. This hack has 250 brand new Pokemon and so many unlocking features. You will have to find out gold coins, and solve the puzzles to unlock the gates.

  • Pokemon Revolution Online

This hack allows you to meet other players online. Besides, it maintains all the features that original games had. This PRO is free for everyone. You will get notified about the new events in which you can take part to enjoy its features.

  • Pokemon Orange

This hack will give you a fun trip to France Coastal. The adventure is as same as this trip. You should try this hack at least once to experience this thriller.

  • Pokemon Reborn

Yes as the name is revealing, this is a reborn Pokemon with additional features.  You will go through many changes including clothes, sound systems, and genre. It has turned into a crime scene which makes it amazing.

  • Pokemon Godra

If you want to try playing this game through other characters, then this Godra has especially come up for you. You can be selected in an army, and form up new abilities through this hack.

  • Pokemon-Phoenix Rising

A series launched by the Pokemon community but it is made by a fan. He added new amazing features according to his preference. You must give a chance to a fan like you, and browse this wonderful hack.

  • Pokemon Unbound

On today’s internet, this is known as the best hack of Pokemon due to its animation. They used the best animation with a huge difference from previous storylines. You must check out this hack to know what Mega evolution they have made in this hack.

  • Pokemon Cloud White

It is the sequel of Redfire with excellent additional changes. It is said to bethe toughest ROM hack in which you will sweat while playing. They added around 540 Pokemon to catch in this hack.

  • Pokemon Omega Paradox

This outstanding hack asks you to either play as Cynthia or Drake in the battle against Aqua and Plasma Teams. Let’s not spoil the suspense of this beautiful paradox, the Pokemon community has launched for you. The Omega Evolve has one of the best-sounding features in all the gaming lists of the Pokemon series. The new thing about this hack is that you will unearth 40 brand new Pokemon.

  • Pokemon Mega Power

A Pokemon fan can wish nothing more than play as Professor. If you are tired of playing as a young trainer and now want to feel the taste of power, then this hack is a must for you. It has various regions and Pokemon to explore.

  • Pokemon Crystal Clear

In this Crystal world, there are new customized features are waiting for you. This hack gives you the superiority to set rules. You can decide the amount of Pokemon up to 24, which you want to catch in the beginning.

Final Thoughts

After reading all the features of these incredible hacks of Pokemon, you must be wing to use every hack them. A hack that you liked the most and grabbed your attention the most, should be tried by you at first. Just rank all the hacks and try all of them accordingly.

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