Poll result: Nicola Sturgeon urged to resign over ‘mismanagement of Scotland’

New figures released by Public Health Scotland, reveal that almost 4,000 people waited longer than 12 hours to be seen at emergency departments in June. Monthly data for June shows that of the 135,682 attendances at A&E services, just 71.3 percent of patients were dealt with on a four-hour timescale.

Some 10,945 people waited for more than eight hours, while a further 3,937 waited longer than 12 hours.

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The Scottish Government aims to ensure 95 percent of emergency department patients are seen and subsequently discharged, transferred or admitted within four hours. 

Wait times at Scotland’s emergency departments have significantly worsened in the past three years as 214 patients were waiting for longer than 12 hours in June 2019.

Scottish Conservative Shadow Health Secretary Dr Sandesh Gulhane said: “These appalling figures prove that the crisis in Scotland’s emergency wards is not just continuing, but getting even worse on Humza Yousaf’s watch.

“As the SNP Health Secretary wrings his hands, patients’ lives continue to be needlessly lost due to excess waits, and the morale of dedicated but over-stretched frontline staff is further sapped by their inability to meet the huge demands placed upon them. 

“Years of dreadful workforce planning by the SNP has left our NHS under-staffed across the board – and nowhere more so than in A&E.”

In response, Express.co.uk ran a poll from 3pm on Tuesday, August 2, to 2pm on Thursday, August 4, asking readers: “Should Nicola Sturgeon resign over ‘appalling’ Scotland A&E wait times?”

Overall, 3,633 people responded with the overwhelming majority, 97 percent (3,521 people) answering “yes”, Ms Sturgeon should resign over the A&E wait times.

In addition, three percent (103 people) said “no” she should not, while a further nine people said they did not know either way.

Hundreds of comments were left below the accompanying article as readers shared their thoughts on Ms Sturgeon’s future.

Many readers argued that Ms Sturgeon should resign as a result of the latest A&E figures.

Username SaveScotlandFromSNP said: “She should be sacked, she is spending millions on independence and Scotland’s NHS needs more funding.”

Another, username Kiario said: “She needs to go, got blood on her hands.”

Other readers commented that Ms Sturgeon should resign over more than just A&E wait times.

Username ScotsLass wrote: “Not just A&E waiting times, she should resign because of the whole mismanagement of Scotland.”

And username Flivoless wrote: “She should certainly resign but not just over the Scottish NHS woes.”

While username Beehive said: “Sturgeon should go before she does any more damage to Scotland.” 

Ms Sturgeon’s ministers requested extra money from Westminster earlier this week.

The SNP wrote to Chancellor Nadhim Zahawi warning that unless new money was made available, they would be forced to impose cuts to public services.

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