Poll results: Beatrice and Eugenie urged against Andrew’s royal return – You voted

Prince Andrew may be looking to ‘redeem’ himself says Palmer

Royal commentator Neil Sean claimed that Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, wants to make a comeback and return as a public-facing member of the Royal Family. He said that​​ Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie could play a key role in helping him achieve his plan.

In a recent upload on his YouTube channel, Mr Sean said: “Andrew wants to make a return which he thinks could be achieved by his daughters carrying out charitable work.”

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The Duke of York’s daughters have HRH titles but were not granted official roles or titles.

Despite having jobs outside the Firm, both sisters make appearances at royal events and have used their positions to conduct charitable work.

Beatrice and Eugenie allegedly want Andrew to return to public life in some form.

He was forced to step back from his role as a senior royal following a civil sexual assault case against him, allegations which Andrew vehemently denies.

He reached an out-of-court financial settlement earlier this year, something which his lawyers say did not an admission of guilt.

Prince Andrew, Beatrice and Eugenie

Beatrice and Eugenie urged against Andrew’s royal return – You voted (Image: PA and David M. Benett/Getty)

In light of the news of his potential return, in a poll that ran from 7pm on Friday, July 29, to  11am on Wednesday, August 3, Express.co.uk asked readers whether Beatrice and Eugenie should facilitate their father’s comeback and if he should be allowed to conduct charitable work.

First, Express.co.uk asked readers: “Should Beatrice and Eugenie facilitate Andrew’s royal return?”

In total, 6,606 people cast their votes with the overwhelming majority, 96 percent (6,348 people), answering “no”, Beatrice and Eugenie should not support Andrew’s return to the Royal Family.

In addition, three percent (215 people) said “yes” they should, and just one percent (43 people) said they did not know.

Beatrice and Eugenie

Beatrice and Eugenie are non-working royals (Image: Getty)

Andrew has kept a low profile in recent months and attended just one official event, escorting the Queen to Westminster Abbey in March to Prince Philip’s remembrance service.  

In June, the Daily Express’s royal correspondent Richard Palmer claimed to Royal Roundup host Pandora Forsyth that Andrew was “delusional” in thinking he can return to public life 

He suggested Andrew could consider charitable work behind the scenes. 

Then, Express.co.uk asked readers: “Should Prince Andrew be allowed to carry out charitable work?” 

Overall, 6,567 people responded to this question and a strong majority of 88 percent (5,787 people) said “no”, Andrew should not conduct charitable work. 

A further nine percent (563 people) said “yes” he should, while three percent (217 people) said they did not know.


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Prince Andrew

Andrew has attended ust one official event this year (Image: Getty)

Prince Andrew timeline

Prince Andrew was stripped of his titles in January 2022 (Image: EXPRESS.CO.K)

Dozens of readers shared their thoughts on Andrew, Beatrice and Eugenie in the comments below the accompanying article. 

Many commented that Beatrice and Eugenie should not support their father’s attempts to return  with username Conkker, writing: “If they do they are extremely foolish.” 

Username karie said: “Both girls should quietly live their lives, raise their children out of the public eye.” 

Another reader, username Elouise, said: “The York girls are not in a position to facilitate anything.” 

While username gTIME said: “I don’t think the decision regarding Prince Andrew’s role in the monarchy is up to the Princesses.”

And username Debby Fry said: “No, the sisters should not in any way try to facilitate their father back into the royal family. They’ll only drag themselves down in the gutter.” 

Other readers argued that Andrew should keep a private life and not conduct charity work, with one, username sayitloud, writing: “Prince Andrew should just retire.” 

Username aquamarine said: “No, of course he shouldn’t be considered for any duties.” 

Meanwhile, username Ingalls said: “Who is to stop him from doing charity work? He can keep a low profile.” 

And username Radiotimes said: “Not a return to the royal fold but he should definitely be doing something to earn his keep.”

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