Prince Harry out for ‘revenge’ against Royal Family after failing to steal Jubilee show

Tom Bower, a royal biographer whose recent book, entitled Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the war between the Windsors, was published on Thursday, told GB News that the Queen had “seen through” the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as they tried to make a “grand entrance” to her Platinum Jubilee. Mr Bower claimed the California couple felt “slighted” by the Royal Family after being made to sit away from the aisle during the St Paul’s Cathedral Thanksgiving service on the second day of the celebrations. 

Mr Bower said: “I mean, what was a really remarkable story that I heard was that Meghan and Harry were late to get to St Paul’s Cathedral [for the Platinum Jubilee service]. 

“They had done that deliberately so they could make their own grand entrance. 

“As they are walking down the aisle, they get to their seats, nine and 10, and they say well everyone should move up so they can be on the aisle itself. 

“‘No’, says the usher to Prince Harry. ‘No. You’re to sit at nine and 10.’ 

“‘Who told you to tell me where to sit?’ [said Harry] ‘Your grandmother’, says the usher. And then Prince Harry goes in the middle.

“And then they did in the end really control it. No photographs on the next day meeting for the Jubilee, meeting in Windsor castle, and all the rest of it. 

“The Queen sees through [Meghan and Harry]. And I think Charles and William have encouraged her to do so. I think, however, they hope for peace. 

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