Property: Budget hacks to replicate ‘luxurious aesthetic’ in your home and boost its value

Investing in your home can go a long way if you’re planning to sell, but it’s not just extensions and structural changes that can boost the value of a property. In fact, changing something as simple as your flooring could add as much as £5,000 to your home’s worth, and it can be done for just a fraction of the price if you’re prepared to do some of the work yourself. Here are three “pricey” property features that are guaranteed to increase the value of your home, and exactly how to replicate them without breaking the bank.

High-quality materials and on-trend decor can make or break a house sale, especially for buyers who are looking to avoid renovations or re-decorating.

While a lick of paint is often enough to transform a room, adding timeless features like brass, solid wood flooring, and sleek plantain shutters can change the value of your home too.

What’s more, the deluxe finish of these often expensive details can be achieved for just a small fee, giving you an even bigger return on your investment.

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How to recreate brass features on a budget

Speaking exclusively to, Paul Mcfadyen at metals4U said: “Brass has always been a luxurious metal and therefore seen as a more valuable feature in the home than the likes of aluminium which is much cheaper to produce and mainly recycled.

“This is one of the key factors in why it can elevate the value of your kitchen, and add £100’s to the overall value of your home.”

Brass details work well in any room of the house but it can be a pricey product depending on the type you buy, according to Paul.

He said: “There are a couple of key tricks you can do to still get the look but without breaking the bank.”

For example, if you want to add brass square bars or brass round bars to finish off your worktops or kitchen edges, it’s worth choosing a thinner style.

Paul recommended styles starting at 3.2mm, which can be as cheap as £6.

He added: “Another trick is to go for un-polished brass. Polished brass bars are more expensive as they have a longer manufacturing process.

“They can be around four to five times as expensive, so opting for unpolished brass is a great budget option.”

Brass sheets are even cheaper to buy at around £16 and can be easily cut to size at home.

You can even get polished brass sheets for this price, which means you don’t have to compromise on the finish or the price.

Paul said: “This way you get more product for less money and if you’re happy to do a little DIY at home to get the right sizes, you are well on your way to getting a bigger return on investment.

“Brass sheets are great for places like splashbacks in the kitchen and really make a statement.”

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Cheap alternative to herringbone flooring

Solid wood flooring is a timeless classic in British homes, and according to Carolina Hansson, Head of Design at Luxury Flooring & Furnishings, Herringbone is the most luxurious of all.

She explained that the “zig-zag” style flooring has seen a resurgence in popularity, with a 96 percent uplift in sales recorded over the last year.

This “timeless” style has had a huge impact on property prices too, increasing the average value of a home by as much as £5,000.

Carolina said: “The downside of solid wood and engineered wood herringbone flooring is it can cost a pretty penny.

“But that doesn’t been you can’t replicate the look on a budget and achieve a luxurious aesthetic.”

While it’s a simple trick, Carolina recommended choosing a laminate or vinyl flooring in a herringbone style, instead of forking out for solid wood.

She explained that both laminate and vinyl flooring can be up to half the price of their wooden counterparts, yet the classic finish is the same.

If you’re not sold on the idea of faux-herringbone, other clean, textured styles will also work to increase the value of your home.

Or, for a more modern twist on classic herringbone, try opting for a lighter shade of wood in the same iconic pattern.

Budget-friendly plantation shutters

Shutters are sleek and practical, but they don’t come without a hefty price tag.

Amy Wilson, interior designer for 247 Blinds told “If you’re on the hunt for some smart blinds that are not plantation shutters, day and night blinds can be a great budget-friendly alternative.

“This style can give a very similar feel to shutters by enabling you to adjust the lighting throughout the day and also ensure privacy in the hub of the home.”

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