'Put blanket over her!' Host stunned as 90yo told to stay 14hrs outside to wait for help

NHS services have been under brutal pressure for years but the coronavirus pandemic further exacerbated the delays Britons have been forced to cope with. Ambulances have also been suffering severe delays, leaving Brits needing medical attention and waiting for hours to receive the help of paramedics. LBC radio presenter Paul Brand was stunned as listener Christ recounted how his 90-year-old mother was advised not to move from her driveway after a fall after being told an ambulance would head her way within 14 hours.

Speaking to Paul Brand, caller Chris from Haringey said: “About three weeks ago I received a call from my mum’s carers saying they’d found her on the floor on the driveway having had a fall.

“And they told me they’d rang the ambulance, and the ambulance service had said, ‘has she hurt her back? has she hurt anting?’ They said to my mum, ‘have you hurt your back?’ And she said, ‘yes, I’m hurting all over.’

“To which point, the ambulance service said, ‘in that case you can’t move her, we’ll be there in approximately 14 hours’.”

Mr Brand said: “Fourteen hours? Wow.”

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Chris continued: “Yes, 14 hours. My 90-year-old mother laying on bloc paving. I’ve had this conversation with the carers, ‘are you sure about this? Because, clearly, we cannot leave my mother overnight on brick.’

“It’s impossible. And they said, ‘we’ve asked them that, and they said to put a blanket over her.’

“So that would’ve obviously been catastrophic so I just said, ‘I think we’re going to have to get her into the wheelchair.’

“You cannot leave someone who is 90 on bricks overnight.”

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The radio host asked: “Did you think about going and picking her up and driving her?

“Because that’s a decision a lot of people face, should I take my own loved one to hospital?”

Chris admitted to ultimately being forced to hire a wheelchair taxi to ensure his 90-year-old mother could make it to the A&E.

He added: “Oh, well, this is what happened. I then drove from where I am to where my mum is.


“The carers said, ‘do you want to take responsibility for us trying to get her up,’ and I said yes, cause there’s no other alternative.

“That will be the end, basically, if you leave her there, got her into the wheelchair. At 9 o’clock, I was thinking God, I wish I could get her in the car, and then ended up using a wheelchair taxi.

“But they were hugely booked so I had to wait three hours for a wheelchair taxi.

“I rang the dispatcher back and she just said, ‘you’re doing the right thing, it’s still 14 hours. Just get your mum to A&E any way you can’.”

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