Putin’s masterplan thwarted as UK handed ONE BILLION cubic metres of gas in new deals

Mr Wyrebkowski said: “As for the UK itself, it has inter-connectors with the European gas grid, it has liquified natural gas terminals and Norway is close by as a readily available seller of gas.

“It’s definitely possible for the UK to survive this winter and beyond, and the reliance on Russian gas was definitely lower than countries like Bulgaria or Germany.

“The prospects for the UK are actually pretty good.”

Prior to the invasion of Ukraine, the UK relied on Russia for just four percent of its gas while the rest of Europe imported around 40 percent from Moscow.

Germany will likely be the most affected by any gas cut-off, and Chancellor Olaf Scholz warned today that his country faces a “chain reaction of unforeseen consequences” if Vladimir Putin does turn off the taps.

Commerzbank has also warned that in such a scenario Germany’s economy “would probably be plunged into a severe recession akin to the one that occurred after the financial crisis in 2009.”

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