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The Radon software application is simple to use. However, there may be a couple of stunts we’d like to show you first. Back arrow To ensure that the substance stands out, the radon application has no back button. To return to the previous screen, use a right swipe on the current screen. The Delete button For a similar explanation, the Radon application does not have an erase button, as shown at unequaled.

To delete a node or component, simply swipe left on it to bring up the delete button. If you swipe right, the erase button will disappear. If you swipe right again, you will be taken back to the previous screen. Change a note To change a note’s title, for example, open it by tapping its name and enter “alter mode” by tapping the tool stash at the bottom.

Best Radon Detectors

Radon software review is to Radon Eye RD200: In general, the best.

AirThings Wave Plus: The most astute radon detector

AirThings Corentium: The Most Advanced Computerized Radon Test


Siren Pro4: Best for long-term and short-term testing

First Alert RD1: Radon in the Budget and the EPA

While the EPA’s website contains radon data, the organization does not have an authority program for supporting radon estimation devices.

We contacted the EPA and learned that “there are only two-secretly run public radon programs that keep up with public arrangements of approved gadgets.”

Review on the best radon detectors

Radon Eye RD200: By far the best overall Radon Eye item image

The Radon software review of RD200 is at the top of our list due to its quick and accurate readings. After you set up this radon finder, you’ll get your basic reading in the first 10 minutes, with a more precise reading appearing in the following 60. While this may appear to be a significant delay, many lab tests and other advanced radon indicators can take a few days to deliver a precise reading.

This radon detector may appear to be expensive at first glance, but it comes with some genuine credibility. The particle chamber inside the RD200 has been approved by the University of Michigan’s Department of Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Science.


  • First, a quick read
  • Radon estimation in real-time
  • Simple level readings via the application and LED display


  • The Negative one
  • No normal level of perusing
  • Expensive is a disadvantage.
  1. AirThings Wave Plus: The most brilliant radon detector.

The AirThings Wave Plus is a tea saucer-sized radon indicator with a slew of smarts built-in. It runs on standard batteries but uses Bluetooth to connect to the AirThings app and other devices in your home, such as your Amazon Echo or Google Assistant. IFTTT is also supported by the AirThings Wave Plus.

While there is no computerized display, you can check levels with a simple hand movement and a look. To indicate levels, the radon locator’s ring light will sparkle green, yellow, or red. To be more specific, you can get careful readings on the Airthings application.


  • Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT.
  • displays readings with simple marker light.
  • Provides current and historical readings in the AirThings app.
  • Compatible with the AirThings central point


  • The Negative Bullet
  1. AirThings Corentium: Best computerized radon test corentium home radon test item image

AirThings Corentium $199.95 VIEW ON AMAZON *Amazon.com prices is correct as of the post date. Please read the entire disclaimer.

The Corentium Home Radar Detector from AirThings looks like a one-of-a-kind PDA and costs around $200. In any case, for that money, you get a small device that provides both long and transient readings for radon fixation.

Because it is battery-powered and small, you can put it anywhere in the house for quick perusing or checking levels all over your property.


  • Brilliant Idea
  • Quickly obtain readings
  • Long-term and transitory readings
  • Brilliant Idea
  • There are no lab fees.


  • Cheap Con Bullet
  • There will be no applications or outsider associations.
  1. SafetySiren Pro4: Best for long-term and short-term tests.

The SafetySiren Pro4 Radon Detector is more expensive than most on our list, but it has the features to justify the price. Rather than a one-time check, the SafetySiren continuously performs air tests and displays the results on an illuminated LCD screen.


  • Repeated readings
  • Clear, easy-to-understand demonstration


  • The Negative Bullet
  • Expensive
  1. First Alert RD1 Radon Gas Test Kit: A good value.

First Alert provides a reasonable, simple setup and a quick examination. Within 72 hours of receiving your radon test, the organization communicates test results as well as an itemized activity plan. This is an excellent package for homebuyers because the unit only needs 48 hours to test for radon levels.


  • Bullet Tests by an Expert in 48 Hours
  • Under $20 Con Heading Expert Bullet


  • Fees for New Jersey residents vary.
  • Laboratory fees and postage are required.


Is it a good idea for me to be concerned if my neighbor has radon?

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Where should a radon detector be installed?

The position of the locator and the length of the test are determined by the type of radon identifier used. Make sure to carefully read the guidelines for the best results.

Various types of radon identifiers

Some areas are more vulnerable to radon than others. The most elevated levels are shown on this EPA map in northern states such as Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming, and Iowa.

If you live in or are moving to one of these areas, start with a low-cost transient test. Depending on your findings, you can invest in a full radon detector to screen levels.

We contacted the EPA to learn more about radon testing. Our contact informed us that there are two types of radon testing devices: uninvolved radon testing and dynamic radon testing.

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