Re Zero Season 3 release date: Everything We Know So Far!

Re: Zero season 3
Re: Zero season 3

Re Zero Season 3 release date: Everything We Know So Far! It has been quite some time since the Season 2 finale of Re Zero aired, and we have been impatiently waiting to hear news of Re: Zero season 3 ever since! Luckily, it’s almost time to be able to catch up with everyone again! Here’s everything we know about the upcoming third season of this hit anime series.

What is Re: Zero?

The hit anime follows a young man whose name is Subaru Natsuki as he is transported to a fantasy world filled with magic and monsters. While there, he meets Emilia, a silver-haired girl with blue eyes who calls herself a witch. The two join forces to survive in their new environment while learning more about each other’s personalities. Subaru knows that Emilia is an older girl trapped in her body and struggles to reconcile her actions with his beliefs. The series explores themes of self-sacrifice and challenging yourself against impossible odds. It also features incredible animation and well-developed characters brought to life by an outstanding voice cast. If you haven’t watched it yet, now is as good a time as any to get acquainted with one of 2017’s best anime series!

The Confirmed Release Date of the Re Zero Season 3

The anime series Re Zero Season 3 creators have not yet given a time for the third season’s release. March 2021 will mark the second season of the show. The first season has two parts because of the pandemic around the world. The next question, then, is whether or not the production company, White Fox, will go forward with the project or not.

Furthermore, fans of the series have to wait until 2025 for the next new season of Re: Zero. As for the third season, Sho Tanaka, a producer of the series, has made it clear that he is very optimistic and assured. He also shows that people would be stunned after they see it.

The Voice Cast List Of The Re: Zero seasons 3

As there are no recent updates, watchers are assuming that the protagonists of the third season will make a return, with Japanese voice artist Yûsuke Kobayashi providing the voice of Subaru. One example of him being voiced in English is Sean Chiplock. Rie Takahashi voices Emilia. Furthermore, in English Kayli Mills give her voice.

One voice actor, Murakawa, plays Ram. Additionally, Ryan Bartley voices him in English. Inori Minase provides the voice of Rem in Japanese and Brianna Knickerbocker is the voice actress for the same character in English. Apart from this, they may also introduce some new characters in the third season. Series fans are eagerly waiting for some official announcements from the makers.

The Teaser of The Re: Zero Season 3

The trailer for the third season of the show isn’t out yet, but a video announcement revealing the season’s release date implies it’s coming soon. The global pandemic has delayed many projects, including filming and releasing T.V. series. Hopefully, the makers will come out with the third instalment of the sequel soon.

Where To Watch Re: Zero Season 3 In The USA?

The first option for the U.S. audience to watch both seasons of Re Zero Season 3 is on HBO Max. If you are already finished watching the first season, then right away, you can binge-watch its next season. Although it doesn’t have a lot of anime, this one is a part of the catalogue. If you do the same, the cost will be around $14.99 per month.

If you don’t want to use Netflix to stream the isekai anime with its two seasons, it’s available on Amazon Prime Video. There is also a lot of other great anime available to choose from. You can purchase episodes of both seasons from there. You can also use Apple iTunes to buy the first season of Re: Zero.

Crunchyroll is a well-known, top-rated online network for anime enthusiasts. They have the right to release the episodes of Re Zero Season 3. Although they have the first season of Re: zero here, they have zero outside Japan. So as you can see, it has the anime, but just the first season. Zero does not have subtitles or dubbing, and it offers a week of free viewing with ads. Subscription rates vary from $7.99 to $14.99 a month.

A different place to watch this anime is VRV. It has a lot of other movies and dramas to choose from, some of which are free. However, to access uninterrupted viewing, you will need to subscribe to its premium version, letting you watch Crunchyroll on it. It will cost you about $9.99 a month.

Three Main Fan Favourite Characters of Re: Zero Seasons So Far

Rem, Emilia and Subaru are three characters that have been people choose as their favourite so far. Of course, there are other favourites, but these three seem to stick out more than others. In order they go, Rem is at number one, then Emilia, and finally it’s Subaru.


The show focuses on the story of protagonist Subaru, but in the opinion of most of the fans, the character that has most touched their hearts is Rem. Zero seasons but has essential developments in the story. For example, she disliked Subaru initially, but she started to like him after a certain point in the series.

Being likable is credited to her fighting, fearless nature and it allows her to protect Subaru or Ram at times from peril. It also allows her to stand as one of the few who still believe in Subaru. This contributes to the fact that he can survive the witch cult.


Our second favourite character in the anime is Emilia, a potential bride and the love interest of Subaru. However, due to her resemblance to an evil witch, most people do not want to help her.

Puck gives her strength, and she has magical abilities that help her fight the bad guys. Despite how she may seem to those around her, she’s kind and does anything she can to help her childhood friend Subaru.


Our third favourite character is Subaru, who can’t die permanently because of his ability to revive himself after being killed. Instead of thinking about himself, he will put himself in harm’s way to save his friends. He is madly in love with Emilia and often dreams of one day marrying her.

Born with the power to make himself die, he mustered the courage to kill himself so many times to bring his friends back to life, an act which eventually hurt him as well. But, despite all of that, he still wants to save his loved ones and live a long life.

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