'Reduces fuel you use': Drivers should drive with item in the back seat in 'unusual hack'

Anna is a money educator who runs the platform Money for Millennials. Her TikTok account, where she dispenses her wisdom, has 108.6k followers. When she found herself struggling with her finances she turned to financial literature and discovered a new passion.

Now she uses her platforms to help others. The expert recently discussed a hack to reduce fuel consumption.

Anna said: “Have you heard about this unusual hack to help you reduce your fuel consumption?”

She claims the hack involves a glass bowl.

“It definitely not fun watching the price of fuel go up at the moment.

“I’m sure – like me – you’re thinking, ‘how am I going to factor this into my expenses?’

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This style of driving is also known as hypermiling. It’s a tactic that means as little fuel as possible is wasted when driving.

What is hypermiling?

Hypermiling is making your fuel use as efficient as possible, therefore spending as little money on fuel as is realistic.

It involves how people drive, but also how they look after their cars.

How do you hypermile?

Hypermiling involves planning routes that are the most efficient, meaning they require less speeding up and breaking.

Braking and accelerating cause the car to use up more fuel. This is because the car uses the most fuel to get going.

While a car is moving momentum goes some way to helping, and hypermiling is essentially utilising this momentum as much as possible.

This means hills and heavy traffic will also be avoided while hypermiling.

Driving slowly and steadily, while looking ahead so breaking can be smooth and slow, are the basics of hypermiling while driving.

There are also changes drivers can make to their cars to make them more efficient.

This means making sure tyres are inflated to the correct pressure, making sure the care is serviced, and removing clutter from your car.

Using heating and cooling as little as possible, as it also uses up fuel.

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