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REVERSELOGIX 20M Series is a type of application used in which the program is hosted in the cloud rather than on the user’s PC.” said by Kathleen Ahmmed, Co-founder of US Car Junker.

“I’m thrilled to reveal this large investment after financing REVERSELOGIX 20M Series for over six years. Cambridge Capital is the ideal partner for us because it has extensive global expertise in transportation technology.

The COVID-19 pandemic, according to Bank of America and McKinsey, accelerated e-commerce penetration in the US from 16 percent to 34 percent of all consumer spending, translating into 10 years’ expected insertion progress in just three months, which in turn caused a significant increase in returns/reverse logistics.

With 25% of online orders being returned, the total number of parcels returned increased by 70% annually in 2020, and substantial rapid expansion is anticipated. Leading firms are looking to use best-of-breed technology to better manage this hitherto laborious, onerous, and expensive process because returns can cost e-commerce businesses up to 20% of the underlying value of the acquired commodity. Due to its versatility and product breadth—it was created specifically for reverse logistics workflows— REVERSELOGIX 20M Series is well-positioned to gain a sizeable market share.

“As the first outside investor, we are ecstatic to work with Gaurav and ReverseLogix. Our experience as global supply chain business builders, as well as our unique perspective as a group of operators, strategic advisors, and investors focused solely on logistics, will enable us to assist REVERSELOGIX 20M Series in maintaining its market leadership in what we believe is a trillion-dollar global reverse supply chain market “Cambridge Capital’s Managing Partner, Benjamin Gordon, stated. “ReverseLogix’s continued growth with existing and new large customers, top-tier satisfaction with the world’s most important customers, and greatest internet versatile digital platform are a recognition of ReverseLogix’s significant market possibility and superior product fit,” said Cambridge Capital Principal Matt Smalley.

ReverseLogix is advancing and extending its partnerships with additional significant clients and partners throughout the world with this fresh funding.

About ReverseLogix:

ReverseLogix Corp. is the premier internet platform enabling e-commerce firms, third-party transport companies, and suppliers to manage end-to-end reverse logistics. All parties in the reverse logistics ecosystem may use ReverseLogix’s unified, highly adaptable, modular SaaS platform to manage all aspects of rates of return, fixes, and after-sales support. ReverseLogix is set to be at the vanguard of innovation in a $1 trillion worldwide market, because of the advent of e-commerce and the special demands pertaining to returns and reverse logistics.

ReverseLogix, a pioneer in SaaS-based centralized returns management, was founded in 2014 and is at the forefront of comprehensively tackling reverse logistics concerns. ReverseLogix is based in Burlingame, California, and services leading companies in all major industries throughout the world.

The Effects of SaaS on Businesses

Computer Economics, a research firm, assessed hundreds of corporations in the United States with yearly revenues ranging from $50 million to $500 million. It came out that employing SaaS software helped businesses save 15% on their IT costs on average. It saved money on salaries, software licensing, and hardware.

SAAS REVERSELOGIX 20M is also beneficial to startups. This allows businesses to reach the software industry at a reduced cost because all they need is a connection to the Internet.

Traditional software providers are also feeling the effects of SaaS, since SaaS has forced them to evaluate their current models in order to stay competitive in an ever-changing environment.

Advantages of SAAS

The buyer-supplier relationship in the traditional paradigm frequently terminates as soon as the software is acquired. When it comes to SaaS, the customer might get help from the provider. Consumers of the product are kept up to date on a regular basis.

It is software cost savings for a huge corporation. To function for several users, you don’t need to buy and install software on each computer individually.

Why is SaaS (Software as a Service) so popular throughout the world?

Small businesses seldom have excess personnel. When a small firm buys an application, however, someone has to maintain it operating, update it, back up its data, and so on. These managerial chores are delegated to the service provider under the SaaS model.

Another crucial point is that today’s users are accustomed to having their data accessible from a variety of devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones. They are always in tune with one another. Local software isn’t up to the task. As a result, there must be a service that can be accessed from anywhere. That is what SaaS software provides.

What Role Did SaaS Software Play in the Reduction of Pirated Software?

Many consumers choose to adopt the subscription model, where they pay a little monthly fee rather than purchasing pricey software. They had a firmware version and a lot of pirated software due to its high cost. Paying little amounts on a monthly basis is considerably more convenient. As a result, even a small business may employ the appropriate software lawfully.

Cambridge Capital is a company based in Cambridge, England.

Cambridge Capital is a supply chain investment firm that focuses on the practical side of the business. The business invests in growing firms in transportation, logistics, and supply chain technologies to fund their development, recapitalization, or acquisition. Our investment strategy is to invest in firms where our operational skills and extensive supply chain understanding can assist our portfolio company in achieving exceptional value.


REVERSELOGIX 20M Series technology is used by accountants, digital specialists, marketers, and a variety of other professions. Because of their popularity and convenience of use, the number of such services continues to rise. But progress does not end there; it continues to deliver more advanced and innovative concepts that are personalized to meet the demands of everyone.

There’s no question that by using these improved and modulated techniques, you’ll be able to increase your client rate and income. The omnichannel customer care techniques may change as technology advances and as people become older, but the goal of increasing customer trust will never go away.

For every business, website speed is critical. A fast website may help you increase your online presence, traffic, engagement, and, eventually, money.

If you don’t invest in customer service, you’re missing out on a huge chunk of potential income.

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