Rishi Sunak dubbed 'snake and back-stabber' in astonishing attack on PM hopeful

Former Chancellor Mr Sunak, whose resignation was seen as crucial in ending Boris Johnson’s time in No10, will be going head-to-head against Foreign Secretary Liz Truss in the last stage of the contest to replace the PM. Writing of her “despair for the Tories” for the Daily Mail, columnist Amanda Platell claimed Mr Sunak is “not a man to be trusted”. Mr Sunak has sought to position himself as the candidate of integrity in the leadership contest.

This is particularly true of his position on the economy, where he has not promised any immediate tax cuts and insisted he will tell honest truths about the financial position of the UK.

However, critics of Mr Sunak say this is undermined by his, as Ms Platell describes, “clinical decapitation” of the PM.

She wrote: “His comment after making his move — ‘I’m sorry I had to resign, it wasn’t a decision I took lightly’ — was met with derision by Cabinet colleagues. They know him as a man who was always out for himself.”

Mr Sunak’s explanation for why he resigned when he did has also been brought into question by his campaign website.

But cabinet ministers resoundingly disagreed with his claims, branding them “completely untrue”.

Ms Platell concluded her withering takedown of Liz Truss’ opponent by claiming: “The truth is Rishi Sunak has been on manoeuvres for months, waiting for the most damaging moment to make his venomous strike.

“He is not a man to be trusted. Like many other Tories, I will never vote for a snake like him. And, Rishi, I do not say that lightly.”

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