Row explodes as nightmare neighbour lifts fence panels to ‘let himself into my garden’

Taking to Reddit to share her frustration, the anonymous woman explained she’s lived next door to her “nosy” neighbour for two years.

She said: “We don’t actively not get on but they are very very loud, obnoxious, constantly swearing and screaming at kids and police get called round something or other maybe once a fortnight, getting down for drink driving etc. In lockdown they were having parties and BBQs left right and centre.”

However, the woman explained, she and her family are “quite non-confrontational” and have never felt threatened by the rambunctious neighbours.

She added: “I wouldn’t think of trying to tell people how to live, however they must know we don’t particularly have anything in common.”

But things went too far when one of the neighbours’ children spilled the beans about their dad’s invasive behaviour.

The Reddit poster explained: “Their kids (the kids are actually all fine tbh it’s the parents we take issue with) are always knocking things over the fence and recently one of them said to me he and his dad just lift the fence up to get stuff when we are not in.

“I am an avid gardener and they would have to walk straight onto full borders. Also I know the dad is really nosy so don’t doubt for a second he would be peeking through the patio doors etc.”

The woman said she hasn’t said anything to her neighbour yet, but is thinking of asking them to just wait in the future.

She asked the forum users if they felt this was an unreasonable reaction to the trespasser.

Many took to the post to reassure that it was not unreasonable at all – and that to feel the need to ask was “very British”.

One wrote: “No it’s not okay. No you’re not being unreasonable. It’s difficult because you don’t want to cause trouble but your leniency will breed resentment. You have 2 choices. Put up and shut up, or say something and deal with the consequences, whatever they may be.”

A second added she had to stop the behaviour now before it got worse, saying: “You worry it might be unreasonable for you to ask someone to stop inviting themselves onto your property without your knowledge or say so?

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“That’s not even taking into account the damage that they might cause to your garden…trampling though to get their stuff.. that’s graft YOU’VE put in doing it up, money YOU’VE spent. However big or small.

“And finally, you suspect the father might be having a nosey through your windows to.. what..assess the value of the contents of your house? What else would he be doing? There’s legitimately no situation he can come up with that doesn’t sound dodgy.”

A third quipped: “Lol this is such a British question. ‘Is it unreasonable to ask my neighbours to stop breaking into my property.”

One even suggested setting a trap for the neighbour, writing: “You could plant thorny plants where they are likely to access through a fence to make it less accessible, I would definitely get a camera for you own peace of mind. And if they are looking in your property pop round and just ask them if they could wait until your in and you would happily throw and balls back over the fence.”

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