Royal confessed to having unusual and mythical animal tattoos in diary admission

The animal and mythical tattoos were acquired during naval service as part of the culture of the Royal Navy and have never been pictured. While tattoos are not strictly banned in the Royal Family, with members such as Princess Eugenie and Lady Amelia Windsor sporting their body art, it is still frowned upon.

One of Britain’s former King’s got tattoos before knowing he would eventually take to the throne after the unexpected illness of his brother.

King George V, who succeeded his father King Edward V11 in 1910, believed from 1936 though up until 1892 he would never be King.

Prince George, the future King, was the second son of King Edward VII and it was thought that the King’s first son Prince Albert Victor would become King.

However, Albert Victor died from influenza in 1892 at the Sandringham Estate less than a week after his 28th birthday.

Following his elder brother’s death, Prince George had to leave the Royal Navy which he loved and begin his training to take on the leading role of the family and the nation.

As he had been afforded the relatively normal life of a Naval Officer, Prince George enjoyed all of the benefits that came with it such as behaving like the other officers and soaking in the culture of the Navy.

As such, Prince George got a tattoo of a red and blue dragon while he was serving in Japan in 1881.

He then later chose to have a tattoo of a tiger placed on his other arm, as tattoos were part of a long-standing tradition in the Navy dating back to the Battle of Trafalgar.

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The King’s diary entry which outlines his secret body art is on display at an exhibition at Buckingham Palace called ‘Japan: Courts and Culture’.

Prince George wrote: “We have spent a very pleasant week on shore up at Nara and Kyoto, we saw a great deal in the time, but we were not long enough, it was too hurried.

“Nearly everybody on board has been tattooed. I have got a dragon on one arm done at Tokio & a tiger on the other arm done at Kyoto.”

According to Prince Albert Victor’s tutor, Reverend John Dalton, the elder Prince also had a tattoo of “a couple of storks” on his arm.

Their father, King Edward VII had the Jerusalem Cross on his arm as a symbol of his religion and he got it during his trip to the Holy Land in 1862.

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The majority of the current members of the Royal Family are not known to have tattoos though Princess Eugenie was spotted sporting a new tattoo at the Platinum Jubilee.

The 32-year-old daughter of Prince Andrew was seen with a small black circle behind her left ear, sparking many questions as to what it signifies.

Alongside Eugenie, Lady Amelia Windsor is the only other royal confirmed to have tattoos.

The granddaughter of the Duke of Kent has multiple tattoos on her rib-cage, wrists and shoulder blade.

The more key royals such as the Duchess of Cornwall, the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex have been seen with henna tattoos during royal engagements which tend to only last for one to four weeks.

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