Royal Family LIVE: Meghan and Harry's Netflix nightmare as William faces 'intense battle'

Prince Harry’s foray into television since his exit from frontline royal life has received mixed reviews. The couple have multiple projects about their lives in the works, but the Duke of Sussex’s upcoming book could be a gut-punch the Royal Family doesn’t need.

Commentator Guy Martin told Forbes: “On the surface, at least, there is no content from Archewell’s for-profit content arms that is making money.

“Facing intense problems of its own, Netflix, having bit deep into the Windsors of Montecito enterprise with a reported $100million, just canceled Ms Markle’s one show Pearl, an animated film that had been nearing production.”

But despite the obstacles in television production, Prince Harry’s long-awaited tell-all book could provide his family, in particular his brother Prince William, with an “intense battle” similar to the Oprah Winfrey debacle on his hands.

Mr Martin said that the public and Royal Family are not expecting “Harry’s spanking new book summing up his young life to date will, also, be a bouquet of feel-good daisies extended to his family.”


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