Russia scores own goal as 2nd aircraft shot down by own defence forces in 48 hours – VIDEO

In rare footage released on social media, the Russian aircraft can be seen plummeting towards the ground after being hit by a missile launched by Putin’s forces. The plane was shot down in the Kherson Oblast in front of Russian positions, suggesting that it had been mistakenly targeted by Russia, who wrongly believed it was a Ukrainian military aeroplane. Footage of a second Russian plane shot down by its own forces was released just Tuesday and comes at an especially inopportune time for Putin as he deals with increasingly depleted supplies of military equipment.

In the footage, a Russian aeroplane can be seen hurtling straight towards the ground in Kherson. 

The plane, having been struck by what is believed to be Russian anti-aircraft missiles, spirals towards the ground in a fireball. 

As Ukrainians watch on, the aircraft crashes into a nearby field and explodes. 

Footage then shows the remains of the plane strewn across the field, with black smoke billowing from its main body. 

Just yesterday, Russian military forces were caught on camera by Ukraine’s armed forces shooting down their own plane over the city of Alchevsk, a city of significance in the Luhansk Oblast of Ukraine. 

The accidental strike by Putin’s forces caused the military aircraft to catch fire and fall from the sky. 

The Su-34 bomber plane, which is valued at around $36million (£30million), was seen crashing into the ground during the evening. 

It has been claimed that the Russian pilot was forced to eject while miles in the air to avoid dying in the crash. 

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