Russia sets date it will abandon NASA in space after threat to send ISS crashing to Earth

He said: “The industry is in a difficult situation, and I see my main task, together with my colleagues, is not to drop, but to raise the bar and, first of all, provide the Russian economy with the necessary space services.”

These services will include navigation, communications, data transmission, meteorological, and geodetic information, “without which modern life cannot be imagined”.

Mr Borisov also added that Roscosmos’s biggest priority moving forward will be the creation of ROSS, stressing that Roscosmos will not forget about scientific space. 

He said: “We will continue the manned program in accordance with the approved plans. The main priorities will be made on the creation of the Russian orbital station.”

A senior NASA official noted that Russia has not informed NASA of any intention of withdrawing from the iSS despite Mr Borisov’s claims.

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