'She's an intelligent operator' Powerful Meghan Markle is 'controlling the narrative'

Tom Bower, the author behind the new book titled Revenge, said the Duchess is an “intelligent operator” who managed to find power despite her humble roots. Bower’s new book focuses on Meghan Markle and her life since marrying Prince Harry in 2020. 

Since releasing his new book last Thursday, Bower’s bold claims have been making headlines across the globe.

Allegations include the time Meghan reportedly “threw” her cup of tea in the air during a royal tour and news that the Queen was “pleased” the Duchess was unable to attend Prince Philip’s funeral.

The book also claimed that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were hoping to appear on the balcony during the Platinum Jubilee celebrations last month, despite stepping down from their roles as senior royals in 2020. 

Bower also claimed that Meghan and Harry snubbed a visit to Balmoral in 2019 because they felt Archie was “too young” to fly to Scotland by plane, despite the pair whisking him away to Ibiza.

He also delved into Meghan’s career before joining the royal family, looking at her time on the hit legal drama Suits where she played paralegal Rachel Zane.

Bower has admitted that sources who helped him when writing the book were “less than fond” of Meghan and Prince Harry, with the pair having no input into the book.

He went on to tell OK! Magazine that he is in awe of how the Duchess managed to defer away from her humble roots.

He said: “I never deny Meghan’s successes. She’s an intelligent operator who has thrown down the challenge. She wants to control the narrative. It will be interesting to see how she copes with the truth, the criticism and the revelations.

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It has also been reported that Harry plans on releasing his own memoir that has been written and signed off by lawyers.

The book has been described as “a truthful and wholly accurate” account of the Prince’s life, and looks to dispute claims made since he stepped down from his position in the royal family.

A publishing source told The Sun : “The manuscript has been finished and gone through all of the legal processes. It’s done and out of Harry’s hands. The publishing date has been pushed back once but it is on track for the end of the year.”

It is hoped that the book will be released in late November. 

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