Shirley Eaton: ‘I don’t do anything to keep fit’ – Bond Girl’s relaxed approach to ageing

Thankfully, Eaton, 85, has not had to suffer anything as awful sounding as suffocation by gold in real life. In a throwback interview with the Daily Mail, the actress said: “Apart from childbirth, I haven’t really had to suffer much pain.” The actress has overall aged well, although she admitted she has been “slowed” by the onset of arthritis in the interview.

Although people with arthritis are recommended to do regular exercise to keep on top of their conditions, Eaton said back then that she instead treats her ailments with a mix of blood pressure tablets and painkillers.

Her modest approach to dealing with arthritis seems to fit into her wider outlook in life.

She is well aware that life will come with bumps in the road, but doesn’t get too affected by them – too much.

She said of the pictures: “If you are young in spirit as I am, age is just a number. I have a few more wrinkles, of course, but there you go.”

Living with arthritis can be difficult, as Eaton has experienced.But the NHS has identified several factors that can help.

Keeping up with healthy eating – a diet consisting of all five food groups (fruit and veg, starchy foods, meat, dairy, fats and sugars) – can help maintain a healthy weight, which can help with arthritis.

Exercise can also help to increase muscle strength, reduce stiffness of your joints and improve mobility.

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