‘Slims the face!' Meghan Markle’s subtle beauty transformation to look ‘more youthful'

Meghan Markle appeared in New York City on Monday wearing a very chic custom-made black Givenchy skirt and top. The Duchess wore her hair slicked back in a ponytail and opted for her signature smokey eye makeup. There was one beauty difference; the shape and thickness of her eyebrows and brow experts suggest this trend gives a more “youthful look” to the face. 

“Meghan’s new brow style is very different from her previous look,” Sian, founder of the Sian Dellar Permanent Makeup Clinic commented. 

“They are much straighter in shape now, less of an arch and the tail of her brows is elongated towards her temples, which is much longer than before.” 

The expert said Meghan’s new eyebrows “give off Audrey Hepburn vibes – big, thick straight and archless”. 

But “they frame and suit her face well”. 

Sian also told Hello! how “thicker brows can have a slimming effect on the face and jawline and the tapered tail can really open up the eyes”. 

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Meghan previously said she only wore foundation when filming for Suits, and on other days would wear a prime to give her “skin a dewy glow”. 

The Duchess is also a fan of wearing false eyelashes. 

Sometimes, if she doesn’t want to wear a full set, she might opt for individual eyelash extensions for a more natural look.

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