Spanish bull-running horror as three revellers gored and killed within just 24hrs

The three men died within 24 hours of each other as the long-standing tradition commenced. The news emerged on Wednesday as several festivals were held in the area. It was confirmed that a 56-year-old man had died in hospital after being rushed into intensive care with head and gore injuries on July 12 from an event in Picassent near Valencia.

A temporary bull ring is set up in an enclosed arena by the marina quayside and bulls let loose with revellers taunting the animals and diving into the water or climbing on platforms to avoid being charged and gored. 

A shocking video emerged showing a man being mauled during the event as the bull trampled the man for almost half a minute.

Other runners could be seen attempting to distract the bull but were unable to lure it away from its victim. 

The man was eventually able to sprint away before diving into the sea to escape.

Miraculously, the man walked away with minor injuries, suffering from cuts and bruises.

Local reports said he was later taken to hospital having suffered an injury to his groin.

The incident happened on Thursday afternoon during the event at the Costa Blanca resort of Moraira near Benidorm known as the Bous a la Mar.

Another man, 50-year-old Josep Antoni Garcia Arnau died at a Valencia hospital after being thrown into the air by a bull at a festival in Meliana.

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The controversial tradition was put on hold during the coronavirus pandemic but is now back to normal.

Animal rights activists across the world have condemned the tradition, with hundreds of bulls dying as a result of the festival.

Bulls are often killed at the end of the events by professional bullfighters, as hundreds of crowds watch on. 

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