The cheapest place to get Nescafe coffee as prices hit eye-watering highs

Most people will have noticed the rising prices of many daily essentials such as milk, bread, and butter. Earlier this month, in fact, Lurpak made headlines as tubs jumped to £8 – and even had security tags attached in an attempt to prevent people from stealing them. 

However, coffee seems to be the next victim, warns SurreyLive reporter Laura Nightingale. 

In a recent article, she explained that on a trip to her local Co-op, she was blown away by the fact that a large jar of Nescafe Original was priced at £8.75. 

The soaring price of food has led people to try supermarkets own brand alternatives to try and save money, LancashireLive reports, but it always begs the question of are you going to get the same tasting product?

With the price of Nescafe Original reaching a whopping new high, LancashireLive reporter, Melissa Major, decided to take a look to see how the price compared to other supermarkets. Here is how they got on:

“First, we visited the Co-op to see if in our local store it was priced the same as the one down in Surrey. Surely not, I thought, in the north it *has* to be cheaper, right? Wrong. Lo and behold as I popped in and headed to the tea and coffee aisle, there it was, brazen as anything at £8.75 for a 300g jar. I was stunned, how can people afford this? I know I couldn’t afford to be increasing my weekly shopping bill by almost £10 just for a jar of coffee.

“Horrified by what I’d seen, I set off to some other supermarkets in the area to see if they were charging a similar for the same size jar. Sadly, Morrisons are also charging a fortune at £8 for 300g. Although slightly cheaper than Co-op, 75p it really isn’t that much of a saving. For anyone that likes Nescafe Original, you might want to think twice about which brand you now buy.

“As I went into Asda it was a pleasing sight to see the 300g jar priced at £5, a bargain in comparison really. I wonder if all coffee lovers will start flocking to Asda for their fix of Nescafe Original in future. 

“I didn’t have the time to pop to Tesco or Sainsbury’s but a quick Google search revealed they are priced at £6 and £5, respectively. This makes Asda and Sainsbury’s the cheapest at the moment, but the Sainsbury’s jar was on offer, and as soon as that ends it will be back up to £7. At Icelandit’s £5.50, down from £6.50, and even at Aldi, it comes in at £2.65 for 100g, meaning you’d be shelling out £7.95 for 300g.

“So, if you’re a lover of Nescafe Original and don’t like to veer from what you know and love, my advice would be to shop around you could end up saving yourself £3.75.”

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