Top 10 smells which could help your home sell quicker – ‘makes all the difference’

Selling a home isn’t as easy as making sure it’s neat and tidy. While that does have some impact, scents are also important, with homeowners baking bread or cookies to entice buyers into their homes. According to GetAgent, there are 10 most popular scents, including freshly baked bread

It was the enticing scent of freshly baked bread which emerged as the most popular scent.

Thirty seven percent of people stated the smell would make them more inclined to buy a property.

Freshly washed linen was second, followed by freshly brewed coffee.

More than 27 percent of those surveyed said they would be more inclined to buy a home if it smelt like coffee.

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“From doing a quick cleaning blitz, rearranging furniture, or even opening the windows on a sunny day – the small things really can make a difference to the impression of prospective buyers viewing the property.

“Our research has shown just how impactful the smell of a home can be to potential buyers, with some smells clearly emerging as favourites amongst homeowners. 

“If you have time before a viewing, baking a loaf of bread, buying some fresh flowers or brewing some nice coffee really makes all the difference when it comes to getting signatures on the dotted line.”

The research also unveiled the scents which could put buyers off from buying a home.

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While the scent of a home may not increase the value of it, experts at ScS have shared top tips on adding value to a property.

They recommended replacing radiators and the kitchen floor.

According to ScS, replacing the kitchen floor can increase property value by £5,000.

They said: “Replacing your kitchen floor can not only update the look and feel of the room but can also provide buyers with the insurance of longevity. 

“Doing this can result in a clean and comfortable finish, which is practical and affordable. 

“Modern porcelain tiles are an effective way to add value onto the kitchen, as they’re hard-wearing, waterproof, stain-resistant and durable.”

Improving interior doors could also increase property value by £7,500.

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