'True Remainer colours!' Sunak slams Truss over foreign worker scheme in Brexit dig

The ex-Chancellor has accused Liz Truss of showing off her “true Remainer colours” as the two candidates argue about the best way to help British farmers. Truss has promised to allow thousands of workers into Britain to take up seasonal jobs as farmers face workers shortage.

Ms Truss spent Monday campaigning in Devon in an attempt to win over Conservative farmers.

She promised farmers she would create the “agricultural industry of the future”.

The Foreign Secretary vowed to help farmers who are struggling with worker shortages to expand the seasonal workers’ visa scheme.

Lizz Truss said: “I understand the challenges faced by farmers and they can trust me to deliver the changes they need.”

Mr Sunak’s campaign has harshly criticised the proposal.

A spokesperson for Rishi Sunak said: “Liz Truss’s announcement does nothing for farmers and food.

“She blames Brexit and fails to see the opportunities from it to help farmers and food production, has no plan to tackle inflation, which has hit input costs hard, and neglects to mention trade deals because of her record in this area.

The true Remainer colours are starting to show.”

Ms Truss was against Britain leaving Europe in the 2016 Brexit referendum but has since changed her position.

However, in an interview with The Telegraph in May, she admitted: “If I could go back to 2016, I would vote to leave.”

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