Truss vows to 'not open Pandora's box' after being asked 'difficult' leadership question

Liz Truss has ruled out making changes to the UK’s hunting laws, likening reigniting the debate to “opening Pandora’s box.” The Foreign Secretary told a Conservative Party member during the live leadership hustings in Exter on Monday that revisiting the 2004 ban would “possibly make the situation worse” for those who enjoy country sports.

Asked to repeal the Hunting Act 2004, Ms Truss replied: “You might know I’m an MP in Norfolk, which is a fantastic place for country sports – we have a very strong shooting industry, I’m very, very supportive of country sports.

“I remember being a minister under David Cameron’s government and looking at this issue, and I think opening Pandora’s box could possibly make the situation worse for people who enjoy country sports.

“So, whilst I share your love of rural pastimes and I’m a strong supporter of all the fantastic conservation work the shooting industry does, I think we’ve got to be very careful about opening that box.”

She added: “What I would say about me is you’ll always get an honest answer.

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“I will never make promises I can’t keep.”

“I’ve never made promises in any job I’ve done that I can’t follow through,” continued Ms Truss

“I know I’ve been there.

“I know how difficult that one is.”

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