UK August heatwave: Met Office gives verdict on SWELTERING 32C blast on way – new maps

Tom Morgan, a meteorologist for the Met Office spoke to about how temperatures could peak by August 12. Mr Morgan said computer models are not indicative of record-breaking mercury, but there is enough to support a “day-on-day” rise throughout the week. His vote of confidence comes after interactive weather maps and an independent forecaster pointed towards a high-pressure system beginning to build at the end of this week. With Spain, Italy and France all expected to bask in sweltering heat by tomorrow, it looks as though the UK will experience it – albeit a week later.

Mr Morgan said: “It will still be warm for next week and it is looking like it will start quite dry as we go through the week – but temperatures will slowly rise day-on-day.

“It is certainly possible for mid-week – possibly becoming warmer to around 30C to 32C by the end of the week.”

Weather forecast modeller WXCharts shows next Thursday, August 11 to be the hottest – with most of England reaching at least 30C, a temperature which is normally confined to southern and central parts.

Reluctant to dub next week as a heatwave, Mr Morgan explained why.

He added: “It’s a bit early at this stage but it does look like some parts of the UK will see a hot spell developing.

“It doesn’t look like it will be record-breaking but it could well become a hot one – it certainly does look like it is warming up, but I wouldn’t like to say at the moment.

“More than a week away our confidence level is much lower – and here we are still looking in some instances at something that is nine or 10 days away.”

Mr Morgan says the Met Office uses several computer models to make its predictions, and it takes a few of them to indicate similar results to build confidence in their forecasts.

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Independent model WXCharts suggests temperatures will steadily rise from mid to late 20s on Monday and Tuesday, with the mercury racing to 30C across most of the country by Wednesday.

Come Thursday and Friday temperatures will hover again around the late 20s mark, with some uncertainty at this stage over whether they will hit 30C again that week.

Some early signs suggest the heat could make a return that weekend, but nothing has been confirmed as yet.

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