UK rain forecast: Thundery showers as Brits told to brace for summer weekend WASHOUT

Friday will spark the start of a weekend washout in some places, with bands of rain moving across Wales and into the west of the country. Senior operational meteorologist at the Met Office, Annie Shuttleworth, told “Southern areas of the UK may see some long-lived showers and possibly thunderstorms on Friday. “The details are still uncertain as they always are with showers at this lead time.” The Met Office’s forecast for Friday and the weekend adds: “Rather cloudy with some sunshine across the south, far west and east Scotland.

“Rain across central areas moving north. Scattered heavy showers developing in the south.

“Rain spreading to the northwest Saturday, dry elsewhere.

“Hot in the southeast Sunday, cooler elsewhere with occasional showers.

“Sunny spells and showers Monday, heavy in the north.”

The meteorological weather model, WX Charts, shows a large band of rain covering parts of Wales, Manchester and Liverpool by noon tomorrow.

A smaller cluster of rain clouds appears over Southampton at the same time.

These showers continue to move east, covering parts of Birmingham and the midlands by 6pm.

By 6am on Saturday, the country looks far clearer and cooler, but a strong band of rain starts to move eastwards from the Atlantic.

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“Outbreaks of rain across the north and west moving southeastwards across the UK on Monday, becoming lighter through the day, with the far southeast probably staying dry.

“The rest of the week sees sunny spells and further showers, which are expected to be most frequent in the north and west at first.

“Light or moderate winds, but fresh or strong in the northwest.”

It appears the northwest will be bearing the brunt of the rain and potentially strong winds, as the south, east and southeastern parts of the country will remain very warm.

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