UK weather: Brits told to prepare for drought next month as hot weather persists

It is thought that a hosepipe ban may be implemented next month along with guidance to limit non-essential household water usage. The majority of England has been placed in prolonged dry weather status which is the stage before a drought is officially declared.

England’s last drought was declared in 2018 and Southern Water has already made a drought permit request with the Environment Agency.

Such a request will mean that a local hosepipe ban is likely to be put in place and as a preventative measure, the water agency has advised customers to reduce water usage.

Britain’s 40C heatwave last week led to record breaking temperatures both during the night and the day which worsened dry conditions in certain regions.

The region most at risk of such a drought and hosepipe ban is the East of England as spells of rain have so far avoided the area.

The coming spells of rain will impact whether England gets pushed into the official ‘drought’ stage and if it is more or less rain than usual.

At the moment there are no significant rain spells forecasted in the coming weeks which would wash away such risk.

Thames Water has stated that water restrictions will be necessary if there is no increased rainfall over the coming weeks.

According to WXCHARTS, this weekend will continue to see dry and warm temperatures with temperatures between 22C and 28C.

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