Ukraine LIVE: Putin and Lukashenko 'deserve' strikes argues politician – urges Moscow hit

Former governor of now occupied Luhansk Oblast George Tuka said: “I would very much like our American partners to stop tying us hand and foot with the demand not to shell the territory of Russia. In my opinion, the task of preventive strikes on military facilities located on the territory of both Russia and Belarus is a matter of the security of our country, and not just some political scaremongering.

“For a long time, both Russia and Belarus deserve to receive certain actions in return.”

Mr Tuka made an outlandish call to strike Russia directly, saying that he saw “no reason” why Ukraine should not strike Moscow.

He continued: “I see no reason why we should stop, that we should be stopped from doing so.”

Mr Tuka also called on Western allies to provide more weaponry to “open up new opportunities” for Ukrainian forces.

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