Uri Geller threatens Putin with 'mind power' and says 'force field' will stop nukes

The self-proclaimed psychic issued a personal and rather eccentric statement to Putin urging him not to launch nuclear weapons following his illegal invasion of Ukraine back in February. Standing behind a backdrop of the Kremlin dictator and a nuclear mushroom cloud, Geller warned Putin his plans and missiles would “backfire”.

Speaking directly and pointing his finger to the camera, he said: “This is serious stuff and I have a warning for you, Putin.

“I urge you all to read my warning, all of you, and I am serious about it, very.”

He also cited his concerns for Scotland, where he owns Lamb Island off the East Lothian coast near North Berwick, claiming a small nuclear bomb could wipe out 200,000 people.

He then shared an extraordinary letter titled ‘This is a warning to Vladimir Putin’ where he warned Putin there was “forces far, far greater than you can imagine” that will intervene to prevent the Russian President from starting a nuclear war.

The British-Israeli, who became famous for his self-professed ability to bend spoons with his “mind” in the 1970s, urged readers to “take five seconds out of your day to visualise a radiant, energetic force field”.

Geller said this would “deflect and turn back any nuclear warheads that Putin attempts to deploy”.

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Geller added: “As well as harnessing this immense energy of all our combined Mind Power there are also forces far, far greater than you can imagine that I am sure will intervene to prevent you from starting a nuclear war.

“They are watching and waiting and they will STOP you.

“Do not contemplate this dire course of action.

“Please take heed: If you proceed it is Russia and its people, who will suffer most.

“Your mission control computers will crash, your navigation systems will fail and your missiles will malfunction!”

The letter was signed off: “You have been warned”.

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