'Will keep your bread fresh for ages': Food storage hack stops mould & keeps loaves moist

The eco-friendly hack was posted by Goldilocks Goods, a company that produces “goods that are practical and beautiful”, as well as being more sustainable. The company has a huge 455,000 followers on TikTok.

Recently, the company demonstrated a hack it claims will “keep bread fresh for ages”.

The sustainability experts wrote: “Here’s a life-changing hack for storing bread.

“Wrap your bread in an extra large beeswax wrap and store in a cotton bread bag. It will keep your bread fresh for ages.”

The video, demonstrating how to wrap a loaf of bread in the paper, has 1.2 million likes.

The wraps are a smart plastic alternative, which can last up to a year or 100 uses.

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This helps keep the bread moist and stops greens from wilting.

Beeswax wraps can be composted at home too, making them good for the plant and your garden.

The wraps are easy to clean. Simply wash them by hand in cold water (hot water might melt the wax).

Once clean simply wipe the wrap clean and store it dry, in a dry place.

How to keep bread fresh

Don’t store it in plastic

As stated above, plastic prevents the bread from breathing. It can trap moisture in the bread, creating conditions mould loves and thrives in.

Use a bread box

The classic bread box is a kitchen sideboard staple for a reason. The cool and dark space is ideal for keeping bread fresh.

Avoid light

Light increases the speed and which mould can grow. Keeping your loaf on a sunny counter is not a good idea.

Freeze it

If you aren’t going to eat the bread within a few days – freeze it. Cut a large loaf into parts and freeze it in pieces to help keep it fresher before you eat it.

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