Worst mistake Britons make mowing the lawn can damage and kill grass – 'doing it wrong'

Here Carlos Real, Lawn Care Expert and Managing Director of TotalLawn, tells us everything we need to know about mowing our lawns. Read on to discover exactly how you should be mowing yours.

What are the benefits of mowing?

Mowing your lawn not only prevents your garden from looking like an overgrown jungle but also plays a key part in keeping your lawn healthy.

The longer your grass is, the harder it is for the root system below the ground to work, as the plant will need more nutrients and water than if the grass was shorter.

Therefore, the more consistent you are with your mowing, the easier it is for your lawn to thrive.

Regular mowing also encourages growth, which creates a thicker, stronger lawn that is more prepared to deal with disease and weeds. The more resilient your lawn, the less likely you are to need the weedkiller!

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How should I be mowing my lawn?

While a perfectly striped lawn is desired by many, it’s important to note that varying your mowing pattern is the best option for your lawn over time.

By alternating your mowing direction each week, your stripes will look slightly different and you’re not repeatedly forcing the grass to bend in one direction.

Aside from changing the direction vertically, have a go at mowing across the lawn or even diagonally.

Not only is this also good for your lawn but it also keeps your lawn looking interesting!

A rotary mower is the most common and is the best choice if you have lots of objectives to navigate around if your garden is uneven or if your grass is long.

That’s because it has a big spinning blade underneath a chassis, which creates a hoover-like effect, sucking the grass up before chopping the tops off.

The other option is a cylinder: a cylindrical-shaped set of blades with a roller in front.

The quality of the cut is generally much better, as the blades spin while chopping off the tops of the grass, all while striping your lawn with the roller.

They are the ideal option if you want a low mow, which is why they are the chosen mower for professional sports pitches and bowling greens; however, they are no good on uneven lawns or long grass and should be avoided on most domestic lawns.

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