Ysl Black Opium Dossier.co Detail Review

ysl black opium dossier.co
ysl black opium dossier.co

Hello, wonderful people. Good morning from Taka, Bangladesh. Again, this is the second video of the day. And this video is going to be a little bit different. This video is going to be a dedicated video. I mean, the ysl black opium dossier.co fragrance review is going to be dedicated to a brother of mine; he’s from Bangladesh, and I’ll tell you the reason for the dedication. So anyway, for the fragrance I’m about to review, you can see a sample review today. And you can see a two-ML sample right here. This ysl black opium dossier.co fragrance, if you can see the labeling, is like a question mark, right? And the reason for it is that I got it from one of my brothers as a gift. His name is Mr. Safe. John by. How are you doing? Thank you so much for this wonderful gift. So basically what he did was give me the sample, send me the sample, and say, “Joe, I’m sending you a sample.” I want you to tell me what this is. I want you to guess. And you wouldn’t be able to guess anything out of these 1000 fragrances.

And it was a tough challenge, and I totally tough challe I couldn’t guess at first. I assumed this was ysl black opium dossier.co, correct? Guess the house, right? But I got the fragrance wrong because I couldn’t tell what this ysl black opium dossier.co fragrance was. This is like a vintage sort of batch. This is not the first fragrance in this line. This is ysl black opium dossier.co opium for women. And this fragrance was actually launched a long time ago. It’s like one of those, what do you call them? “OG” ysl black opium dossier.co fragrances. It’s like a classic. Okay. Back in the day, it was huge. Nowadays, not many people talk about this fragrance. I would like to do this video, and I’ll do some random talk and share with you his personal thoughts. Who sent me this sample? John, by his experience. And I’ll let you know what this branch smells like. So this is basically the first reformulation, I think. 2009 bottle. If I’m wrong, please correct me.

Choi and this scent is of the juice caliber. So rich. As you can see, you can still find this bottle of opium for women in the market. But I think after a lot of reformulation, it’s sort of like the shadow self of this particular one. This one I smelled, but I can only imagine what it used to be like in the seventies or eighties when it was available in the first, let’s say, vintage n the seven So this is like a first formulation, but it’s pretty potent. Let me talk about each one by one. So he wrote this when he sent it to me. Remove it and change anything. So I wore nearly all of this until now. I’ll let you know my thoughts on this ysl black opium dossier.cofragrance. It may not be perfect, but yeah. What kind of fragrance is this? So this fragrance is, first of all, OPM. Today, ladies, no black opium.

More I had that bottle, I had out 1015 mil juice left or 20. My girlfriend liked it too much. I gave it to her. I should buy her a full bottle. By the way, that’s very sweet. Black opium is totally different. It has a similar-looking bottle in black. It has a kind of window in the middle. You’ve seen black opium. So that’s an entirely different fragrance from this opium. Opium for men is also another fragrance that is not talked about. I would get the bottle now and review it. That’s another great ysl black opium dossier.co fragrance. So that and these opium for women are different fragrances. To begin with, I believe this fragrance is very much unisex. I will share his thoughts side by side with you. Mr. Sight John thought this was pretty much a unisex fragrance. I agree with him.

ysl black opium dossier.co

He uses it a lot and he does get a lot of compliments and notice from his friends and family. So this fragrance is very unique. I mean, you might find it a little bit these days, almost like back in the day. But what a beautiful ysl black opium dossier.co fragrance. As a work of art or a witness of history, this fragrance stands out very strongly. So first of all, how it smells. Opening the top note, I spray it on my hand. It’s a dry note for ten to 15 minutes. So I can pretty much tell you that when I smelled it for the first time, I couldn’t detect any notes. Okay, the first thing that came to mind was that it might have good in it because those canky odds have a dark flavor to them. So I thought it was an odd fragrance. Then I was wrong. I couldn’t guess. And I asked him, Brother, what is it? I cannot figure it out. He told me this was opium. And he told me the notes. So the basic notes are from when there was a heavy dose of, I believe, citrus on top. Okay. And then there is lab denim. There is like mar. I think there is pity. And what is the other one? There’s a note—a particular note—late at night. So there is this note. I think. What is it that Kuros also uses? It’s kind of like this animal-like feel, I think.

Hold on. Yeah, sorry. The moment I paused, it came to my head. It’s oak moss. As a result, oak moss dominates this ysl black opium dossier.co fragrance. So if you like the DNA of something like Kuros or something like a Parros kind of fragrance that has Javon, ladies, and gentlemen, if you like those fragrances, this pretty much falls into that family. And it has I’m not sure why, but it appears in my head that I get lemongrass. That is the first note. It’s just thin on my head. Lemongrass has a very strong smell. Lemongrass is used in Thai cooking, like Thai soup and everything. We use it here in Bangladesh. So that note, in particular, that lemongrass note, is very strong. It’s almost as if it just sparkles. It’s kind of spicy, kind of like a lemon. So it has that kick. It’s like getting a peppery kick to the lemon.

That’s how I see lemongrass. So that’s what I’m getting from this radio. So, rather than citrus, I believe citrus was used in this manner back in the day. Okay. So it’s kind of like “potent” strong. It comes and hits your face. not just one or two particular lemons or very basic ysl black opium dossier.co fragrances. This hits you on the face. Like, it’s powerful. It’s potent. Even with the small sample, I am wearing it. This is good enough for the whole night. It lasts more than 1015 hours in this particular simulation. Newer ones still last a very long time, but are not as strong as this version. So far, the performance’s been great. If you can get a vintage version in 2009, it would be great.

ysl black opium dossier.co

So who is it for? I say it’s unisex. Yes, women can wear it. It will smell differently on a woman, and it will smell differently on a man. And both can pull it off with equal confidence. That’s what I feel. and this has a very strong presence. I think there’s something spicy going on around it, like some sort of spice around it, spicy. It’ll be perfect. It’s, like, so good. It’s like back in the day, when men were a manly man. It’s not just colony cologne. It has a presence. So the oak mound looks a lot like something green. Kind of like, how do I explain this particular note here? It may also have a mask in the final stage. But it’s kind of like a powerhouse animalic ysl black opium dossier.co fragrance. Okay, so maybe it’s the composition. It’s built for that era. As a result, it transports you back in time. If you think back to that time, you imagine ladies who dressed up so nicely in the evening; they are not wearing some skank. I don’t want to judge today’s dress sense or, let’s say, trend or anything. Everything will evolve.

People will like different things, and people might bring back old styles like the ones we used to watch and the jeans people used to wear in the past when they start wearing them again. Or perhaps the boots, the bell bottoms, and all that stuff. So if you’re a fan of this fragrance, particularly kuros, I definitely recommend you check it out. So Shanghai resents this fragrance, and I can see why. And I will cherish this sample. I will wear it only on particular occasions when I feel in that mood. Think of, like, not-hot weather. I think this will be great. And rainy days, it’s really cloudy, with no heat and humidity. It’s beautiful. The air is chilled air. It’s a kind of wet air. Or think of it like a spring day. It’s raining. That would be a perfect day to weigh. It’s kind of like a gloomy day to complement the whole thing so beautifully. So I think of its brightness. I think of Bonnie and Clyde. For some reason, I try to relate to real-life scenarios during the time when the badasses are like wild, free, and doing their thing. There’s not too much technology out there. But the presence of those actors, or, as you think of them, those characters, is so huge. Every single actor back in the day, like Forrest, lacked that sort of maturity. This fragrance is very mature. Another dimension of it is very mature. So it’s a very complete, full-body ysl black opium dossier.co fragrance. It’s not for everybody. It’s for people who like oak moss or something like a powerhouse but not that animal. Okay? If you can get past the opening, perhaps it was scary, but with time, it gets nicer and nicer. It never gets weak. That’s another thing I noticed with this.

It just disappeared the other day. Just disappeared. It’s not like it’s a very faint center. It’s always strong. It’s projecting. So all in all, in my humble opinion, I couldn’t detect all the notes. I would not lie to you and say I could detect all the notes. It’s a very well-blended, complex fragrance, okay? And it’s not exactly like modern But one of the fragrances I would like to show you, if you also like Azaropuram, if you like this barber shop, is sort of spicy. This is a little bit different, okay? If you like this kind of fragrance, I definitely say, even if it’s a women’s perfume, go check it out. opium for women. This is a different class of run, okay? It exudes that class. If you’re really testing up for tonight, that would be perfect. The cold weather will be great for it. mature age, 30 plus. But if you have a match, definitely put your nose to it. It’s very much a quality juice. It also does not have a synthetic odor. It actually feels like the perfumer did put her or his heart into it.

I haven’t checked the perfumer for it. They put their heart into this ysl black opium dossier.co fragrance. They really thought they had done years of research and knew which direction they should go. It’s like one of those pieces in the museum. So this is kind of a big fragrance, okay? So if you do enjoy these kinds of fragrances—Kuro and Azara Pursuit—it’s kind of like a spicy barber shop with a little bit of oak moss. Heavy. Definitely check out this fragrance. This is opium for women. even the modern version. If you get a taste of it, but not as pungent, but nothing wrong. Whatever is available, you can still get a taste of this fragrance. So this is lovely. If you hate fragrance, it’s not a must-buy; it’s a . Heavy. Do not be blinded by this fragrance. It took me a while to understand the concept of it. You’ll really get noticed.

If you like to project, if you like to have a strong ysl black opium dossier.co fragrance, It has a nice aura about it. It’s not just one or two basic notes. This kind of fragrance you can look at this is a very awesome fragrance. So I don’t want to write it out of ten or whatever. It’s a classic. Okay, so it’s a classic ysl black opium dossier.co fragrance. Thank you once again for providing me with this. This video is dedicated to your brother, okay? You are awesome. Knows you’re an awesome person. If you do not know him, you guys do not know him in real life. He’s very kind of stays by himself. Very cool guy. I really like our chats over the phone. So thank you January once again, right? Have a very blessed night. I’ll talk to you soon. Check out women’s version of opium. Good night from Takabangla.

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